Silicone Nipple Protectors Feeding Mothers

Silicone Nipple Protectors Feeding Mothers

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2 Piece Nipple Shield with Carrying Boxes, Silicone Nipple Protector Breastfeeding Nipple Guard Without BPA for Breastfeeding Nipple Extenders for Dear Mothers

There are times when breastfeeding can be a challenge. For women who experience problems with breastfeeding, using a high-quality contact nipple shield in conjunction with medical assistance can often resolve these problems. Medela’s Contact Nipple Shield is designed to address common breastfeeding issues such as latch-on difficulties, soreness, and flat or inverted nipples. Made of 100% ultra-thin and soft silicone, these contact nipple shields feature a unique design with a cut-out area that encourages maximized skin contact between you and your baby. This not only helps your baby receive the breastmilk they need for development, it also promotes the mother-baby bond.

Product Features :

  • DESIGNED FOR SPECIAL BREASTFEEDING: The Assoxy Contact Nipple Shields were made to address common breastfeeding issues, including flat or inverted nipples and those experiencing latching difficulties, soreness, and overactive letdown.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN FOR MORE CONTACT: Made of 100% ultra-thin and soft silicone, These Contact Nipple Shields feature a unique design with a cut-out area that encourages maximum skin contact between you and your baby.Only use drinking-quality water for cleaning.
  • MADE WITHOUT BPA: Like all other breast pump parts and accessories that come into contact with breastmilk, our contact nipple shields are and have always been made without BPA.
  • CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE: This kit includes (2) contact nipple shields along with a portable carrying case for traveling. It’s always best to have an extra nipple shield on hand for added convenience.

Tips For Use  :

Before Feeding : Place the nipple shield in hot water prior to nursing to make the shield more pliable and easier to adhere to the breast. A small amount of lanolin cream under just the rim may also help it stick

Proper Placeent : Turn the nipple shield inside-out halfway, holding it by the rim. Place the nipple shield over the breast with the nipple centered inside the nipple portion of the shield. Then flip the shield right side out, enclosing as much of the nipple as possible. If using the Contact nipple shield, position the open section where the baby’s nose will contact the breast.

Package includes:2pcs/set