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Portable Ultrasonic Washing Machine

Portable Ultrasonic Washing Machine

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This is an Ultrasonic Washing Machine, Clothing, Fruit & Dish Washer, Detergent-Free & Portable.

Rinse And Wash Dishes With Ease : Just fill a tub or sink with water and a little bit of your favorite dish soap. 

Doing laundry can sometimes be a burden, as wash-only clothes and garments need special care.And what happens when travelers are on a trip and no washing machine is available?

No worries! This Mini Portable Washing Machine Ultrasonic Clothes Cleaner Washer is a game-changing portable washer to help clean your clothes, protects delicates from damage, saves 60 times energy, and gets laundry done easier.

Product Benefits : 

  • Lightweight and portable – The portable washing machine is lightweight and portable. It can be placed in pockets or tote bags to carry away.
  • Wide application – This best portable washing machine is applicable to small and light clothes such as T-shirts, shirts, light skirts, close-fitting clothing, socks, etc.
  • Ultrasonic – It produces high forces on contaminants adhering to substrates like metals, plastics, glass, rubber, and ceramics. this action also penetrates blind holes, cracks, and recesses. The intention of this ultrasonic cleaner is to thoroughly remove all traces of contamination tightly adhering or embedded onto solid surfaces.
  • Durable – The shell is made of eco-friendly ABS, non-toxic, firm and wear-resistant.
  • Water-saving and energy-saving – This small washing machine is suitable for 1kg (water) personal laundry.
  • 30-minute quick wash mode, which can change clothes frequently without stress.
  • 9cm ultra-small body, which can be used for business trips, and is free and unrestrained.

Size: 10*5.5cm
Rated voltage: 10V
Rated power: 6W
Power supply mode: USB
Capacity: 501ml-700ml
Material: ABS
Color: White