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Portable Air Conditioner Stand Up AC Unit

Portable Air Conditioner Stand Up AC Unit

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Are you Looking for a portable air cooler to keep you cool while you're busy with your daily activities? Do you feel it is getting hot day by day? and you want Get rid of spend tons of money on a central cooling system or run up your utility bills and beat the heat,

The Best Mini Portable Air Conditioner Stand Up AC Unit, Useful for bedroom house & office.

Air Conditioner Features : 

  • Easy to Operate-With 4 adjustable wind speed (1-2-3-4) and 4 timing functions: 2/4/6/8H; and 2 modes (cold wind and natural wind); 1 colorful atmosphere light with automatic change, which can be turned on/off.
  • Double Water Tank- the upper water tank is a fully enclosed design; the bottom of the machine is equipped with a condensate water tank, which can collect the condensed water generated in the cold wind process, after being absorbed by the wet curtain, it is achieved Considerable Cooling Effect by evaporation.
  • Safe to Use: It is equipped with drainage holes, which can be manually discharged when the water level in the water tank is too high; Fine mist refrigeration, using 4.5μm atomizer, will not wet the body and the surface of the table after blowing it for a long time.
  • Portable to Take Out: The body is small, easy to carry and move; the water tank can also be placed with ice cubes

Product Specification:
  • Rated voltage: DC 5V
  • Input power: MAX 7W
  • Maximum wind speed: ≥2.8 m/s
  • Rated evaporation capacity: ≥100ml/h
  • Rated output air volume: about 108m3/h (Q=3600VA)
  • Noise: ≤55dB Standard value: ≤55dB
  • Maximum air supply distance: about 2.5m (subject to the ability to blow A4 paper, for reference only).
  • Total length of power cord: 12cm


  • 1.Long press the "wind speed" key for 3 seconds to turn on and off the device. Personal air cooler only works normally with 5V 1.5 above adapter(kit not include adapter).
  • 2.Please use ≥ 5V 1.5A adapter(kit not include adapter)
  • 3.Do not add oily essential oils in the water tank to avoid corrosion of the product;
  • 4.The water level in the water tank shall not exceed the highest water level line;

Package list:

  • Air cooler*1
  • USB Cable*1
  • User Manual *1

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