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Jellyfish Lava Lamp Light

Jellyfish Lava Lamp Light

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Create a Relaxing Aquarium Space With This jellyfish aquarium lamp.

Lifelike jellyfish movements and the water projection onto the celling, brings simulated marine life and colorful LED lighting to any room, creating a beautiful Tranquil, peaceful, soothing beautiful deep-sea ambiance, look a real aquarium.

Jellyfish Lava Lamp - Great Gift for Any Age.

Jellyfish lamp color changing creates a spellbinding marine life. Parents enjoy added peace; girls and boys are mesmerized; babies and infants develop their senses; the elderly feel less lonely; pets love it too!

Product Features : 

  • Lava Lamp - Multi-role - Asifu jellyfish lamp serves as a night light and a cool looking office decoration as well, cool stuff for your room, also be used as Gift for Birthday, Christmas and other Holiday, for Kids family and friend etc, It is also ideal for children with autism, special needs or ADHD. This is not only lava lamps, but also more companionship.
  • Jellyfish Friendship Lamps - Quiet and Relaxing - come with 3 jellyfish, they are beautiful and vibrant and mesmerizing and move like real jelly fish to create a relaxing space. Note: Distilled water was necessary for jellyfish to function, make sure you follow the directions ( that are very clear) when you set it up.
  • Jellyfish Lamp - Color Changing Mood Light with an upgraded RF Remote Control, which has higher sensitivity, with contains 18 LED lights and 16 color options and 4 color changing modes (flash, strobe, fade, smooth), and Brightness adjustment, and turn on/off button, and a button on the tank, You can set the unit to automatically change colors or set the color to one solid color if you have a favorite.
  • Led Jelly Fish Aquarium Night Light - The motor of the Electric Jellyfish Mood Light is quiet and protected so that the possibility of the jellyfish getting stuck wouldn’t happen, and the jellyfish are made of silicone material, And the jellyfish tank will not leak that it is tight, For security, it will automatically shut down after 4 hours. But you can open it again

    How it Works  ?

    Quite simply, we use LED lights, water and a motor that allows the silicone jellyfish to look almost life-like with their movements. The lamp's outer shell is Acrylic and not glass, so it will not shatter if dropped. The LED colors can be set to one color or put in a multi-color changing mode.

    The lamp is not completely sealed, there is a small hole with a cap on top that allows you to fill or drain water at any time. You may use distilled (best clarity) or Tap water!