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Electric Foot Massager

Electric Foot Massager

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Electric EMS Foot Massager Mat Pad Feet Muscle Relaxation Relieve Pain Improve Blood Circulation Leg Massage Machine With Remote


1. Clean the feet you want to take care of; place the foot pad massager flat and turn on the remote control massage to adjust the appropriate intensity massage.

2. Turn on the host, press and hold M/+ for three seconds to turn on

3. The host has 6 massage modes to switch. 6 massage modes: kneading, beating, acupuncture, massage, acupressure

4. Adjust the intensity; when you press "ON+", the pulse intensity increases; when you press "OFF/-", the pulse intensity decreases.

5. It is recommended to use 30 minutes each time, 1-2 times a day. The use time for each massage is 30 minutes. The machine has a 30-minute time setting, which means that when you use it for 30 minutes, the massager will automatically pause. If you need to continue
using it, you need to press the M button again.
6. It is better to use the instrument 30 minutes after eating or bathing.