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Anti Cellulite Massager Electric

Anti Cellulite Massager Electric

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Melt your fat and worries away in the comfort of your own home. Regularly get rid of cellulite on thighs and bum and get your skin refined while slimming down the targeted zones for a tighter, firmer, and more youthful body without going through painful sessions. Let it be your best serving ultrasonic cavitation handheld slimming device.

Product Benefits : 

  • ANTI CELLULITE MASSAGER: This product is an anti-cellulite machine with a professional lip sculpting system, which can provide effective therapeutic massage at home, especially suitable for patients suffering from fat, fluid fluid retention and relaxation.
  • COMFORTABLE: Hand held massager combined with vibrating head and infrared heat therapy can not only accelerate blood circulation, but also heat and discharge fat through fast moving and smooth and uneven "orange peel". Carry out rubbing and kneading movements to cope with the hand movements of professional physiotherapy massage.
  • FOUR MASSAGE HEADS:The design of back massager is suitable for four different massage heads, including body slimming, so it can meet your various needs. The powerful motor produces rotation and vibration at the same time, provides subcutaneous massage to increase blood flow, promote lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, and improve skin elasticity.
  • USAGE SCENARIO : The body massager has a control knob, which is used to adjust the intensity from left to right to increase the intensity. Equipped with a cloth head to cover the massage head, so that you are in comfortable contact with the skin, it is very suitable for home and professional use, especially for those who sit in the office or at home all day.

This item is a anti-cellulite machine which adopted professional lip modelling system provides an effective therapeutic massage at home and is especially suitable for those suffering from cellulite, fluid retention and flaccidity. vibrating and infrared heat therapy are together to eliminate the cellulite of body part including face, neck, abdomen, leg, foot and so on. Comes four different massage heads to achieve the body slimming. Safe and effective, you worth it.